hur ultra10Ultra10 is a 10mm hardwood flooring product designed to offer a cost effective hardwood floor, which maximises the use of the resource. Ultra10 has been designed to be used over a solid subfloor such as plywood or particleboard and being only 10mm in height, it matches perfectly with other floor coverings. Ultra10 has a 5.5mm wear layer which enables the floor to be refinished many times maximising it’s lifespan.   Download Ultra10 Brochure

hur fourteenHurford Hardwood has released an exciting wideboard overlay product that can be installed over existing sheet subfloors when height is of concern. Our 14mm product is available in 130mm and 180mm which all can be installed using a combination of adhesive and secret fixing. 14mm flooring is also available in all Hurford Australian species and grades to give versatility of colour and feature for every application.    Download Fourteen Brochure

hur greentreeHurford Hardwood has introduced a flooring range derived exclusively from Certified Hardwood Plantations. GreenTree Flooring is 100% plantation hardwood and is available in 2 distinctive colour options; Rose add Blonde. GreenTree Flooring maximises the resource, so that the least amount of product is wasted, creating a very unique, rustic floor with an abundance of pure natural feature. Through the production process, any waste that is generated is then used to create green energy for domestic use though a cogeneration power plant. A portion of the profits generated from GreenTree Flooring is reinvested into establishing further hardwood plantations to ensure our forests are here for now and the future.  Download GreenTree Brochure

hur roastedHurford Hardwood Roasted is a process that uses ultrahigh temperatures to change the molecular structure of the hardwood and creates an extremely stable, more durable denser product with a deep coffee colour. The colour change to the product is permanent and penetrates all the way through, eliminating the need to stain floors.  Download Roasted Brochure


.Solid Timber Flooring and Product Matrix





Traditiona l

Wide Board














130, 180mm

80, 130mm



240, 270mm





Cherry Mahogany





Flooded Gum




Forest Red Gum




GreenTree Blonde





GreenTree Rose





Grey Box




Grey Gum




Grey Iron Bark



Mixed Reds


New England Blackbutt





Northern Beech



Pearl Mahogany




Red Iron Bark




Red Mahogany





Spotted Gum









Sydney Blue Gum











White Mahogany




American Oak








Select Grade
The select grade denotes a minimal degree of natural feature in the boards. As a naturally occurring product, all timber flooring contains some degree of feature such as pinhole, gum vein and surface check.
Standard Grade
Standard grade relates to a moderately featured board. Flooring in this grade contains a regulated degree of feature, experiencing a greater degree of natural pinhole and gum vein. These features will not only be greater in quantity than select grade but are also larger in size.
Feature Grade
Feature grade is, as the name suggests, high feature flooring. Each board is a veritable sea of natural feature, containing large knots, gum veins, pinholes and even some holes that can be filled during the laying process. Again, the features will be greater in quantity and larger in size than standard grade.
Prestige Grade
Prestige Grade is a combination of Select grade & some high end Standard grade
Rustic Grade
Rustic Grade is a combination of Standard Grade & Feature Grade. It may contain some features that are more prominent than Feature Grade but still maintain structural integrity of a feature grade floor
Antique Grade
Antique Grade is a combination of Select grade, Standard grade & Feature grade

Installation Instructions available for all products are detailed in Hurford Hardwood publications – available at

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